Professional kite surfing school – learn to kitesurf with Hua Hin Kitesurfing

We teach a maximum of 2 students per IKO qualified instructor. We recommend the 3-day kitesurfing beginner package if you are a complete novice. We give new kite surfers all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience needed to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. The goal with the course is to bring you up to a level where you can go out and continue practicing safely and be an independent kite surfer. We will walk you through all the steps needed to kiteboard in a safe way.

Discover kitesurfing and learn the kite equipment

If you don’t have 3 days to spare we offer a 1-day discovery course which will give you the basic skills and a good understanding of kiteboarding and the equipment. If you have previously completed training or need to brush up your skills this is a good choice. For those who don’t like the group teaching environment, we offer a private course, 1-on-1 with an instructor. This can help in fast tracking you through a course or help to work on a particular area such as jumping or riding toe-sided.

kitesurfing lessons hua hin

One Day Discovery

All of the instructors are educated thru IKO and will, at the end of your course, give you a certificate with your level.

Price: 4,000 THB

Three Day Course

IKO certification included. Gives you all the skills needed to get up on the board in a safe and confident manner. Makes you a level 2 IKO certified rider.

Price: 11,000 THB

One Day Intermediate

IKO certification included. We work on any aspect you feel needs improvement; basic flying, upwind, jumping, etc.

Price: 4,000 THB

One Day Private

IKO certification included. This is a special private lesson with only you and an instructor. This will fast track you through the learning process.

Price: 8,000 THB

Learn kiteboarding the right and safe way

Available to all our students is the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) booklet developed over the years as a supplementary tool to your instructions. It covers information on kite safety guidelines, weather, equipment, pre-flight checks, rigging up and much more. It is designed to help fill any gaps you may have after you leave our kite surfing schools or as a refresher if you haven’t been kite boarding for a while. We will also let you watch an instructional kitesurfing DVD which is available in many different languages.